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Join us in Perth from 23-24 August 2023 for IntelliPERMIT Indaba 2023, Adapt IT’s event exclusively for IntelliPERMIT users.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to network, collaborate, and gain insights from industry experts. Learn how IntelliPERMIT can strengthen your permit to work and safety processes while enjoying the fun-filled atmosphere. Secure your spot today!


Unparalleled Networking and Collaboration:

IntelliPERMIT Indaba 2023 brings together operations and safety professionals from Australia and around the world.

Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest trends in electronic permit to work and safety processes. Whether you’re an experienced user or new to IntelliPERMIT, this event encourages knowledge sharing and fosters valuable relationships.


Inspiring Speaker Lineup:

Learn from experienced users of IntelliPERMIT as they share their insights. Gain practical tips and strategies to enhance your own permit to work and safety processes. The diverse range of speakers ensures a well-rounded program that caters to different sectors and areas of expertise.


Fun-Filled Networking Opportunities:

Beyond professional development, IntelliPERMIT Indaba 2023 offers enjoyable activities and networking opportunities. Engage in informal discussions, participate in workshop sessions, and join in the networking designed to foster collaboration. Expand your professional network while experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Perth.


Secure Your Spot Today:

Don’t miss out on this exceptional event where industry experts, IntelliPERMIT users, and the IntelliPERMIT product team converge. Reserve your space today to immerse yourself in innovative ideas, best practices, and invaluable networking opportunities.


About Adapt IT Manufacturing

Adapt IT Manufacturing provides digital solutions that enhance safety performance and operational excellence to help industrial companies achieve more.

For more information on Adapt IT Manufacturing solutions, please  contact the team.

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