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Reinforce behaviour-based safety through job observations

Behaviour-based safety is focused on improving workplace safety by observing employee behaviour on the job, analysing the reasons for good and bad safety behaviour and developing strategies for improvement.

OpSUITE Job Observations is a simple to use system that manages the recording of job observations and the resulting analysis. The result is improved awareness of safety behaviours in the workplace and informed decisions for implementing improvements.



Field Solutions


Supports behaviour-based safety systems

Set goals, observe tasks, record findings, review data and apply corrective measures.


Individuals can easily record observations using pre-defined templates.

Observations can be captured by anyone.  Team meetings can be held to review trends and overall performance. The resulting information is automatically validated and processed for analysis.


Part of a complete safety management system

OpSUITE has a number of solutions that together support a safety management system. Each solution can be implemented independently, or they can be implemented together as a suite.

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OpSUITE Job Observations is designed to objectively and anonymously collect information on unsafe acts and unsafe conditions, the results are analysed in aggregate to encourage full and accurate reporting.

Behaviour-based safety observations are a great way to get people involved in safety.

Behaviour-based safety programs are designed to develop a culture of safety awareness and responsible behaviours in the workplace. Job observations are used to generate a view of safety trends, both positive and negative.  These trends are analysed to design appropriate safety improvement initiatives.

It is vital that job observations are carried out objectively and regularly.   A user-friendly digital system allows observations to be collated easily and analysed anonymously without apportioning blame, thereby encouraging full participation.

OpSUITE Job Observations is a simple digital system designed to facilitate the recording and analysis of safety behaviours in the workplace.  Behaviours are observed and scored in pre-defined templates.  The system generates reports showing safety related trends for analysis by teams.