OpSUITE Meeting Management


Intelligent real-time operations meetings

Production teams can get caught up in meetings without the correct information.

OpSUITE Meeting Management helps teams be more effective in meetings by providing the right information, organised in an easy to use intelligent agenda.

OpSUITE automatically fetches relevant, real-time information from the plant, flags issues, maintains proper records of decisions and highlights areas to focus on.

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Control Room Solutions

Intelligent Agendas

Standard agendas can accommodate any type of meeting.  Items requiring attention are highlighted.

Real-time information

Real-time data from the plant and other systems like IntelliPERMIT is automatically pulled through to the agenda items for discussion and further action as required.

Plan Meetings

Powerful scheduling functionality allows meetings to be planned in advance.  A full record and audit trail of past meetings is retained in the system improving compliance.

Office Room With Helmets

Ensure your ops meetings are effective.  All relevant information is up to date and made available to support quick, effective decisions during the meeting.

Ensure that all actions are followed up.  Important items are automatically escalated and become part of the agenda of e.g. Plant Managers Meeting.


OpSUITE Meeting Management is an optimised solution designed specifically to improve meeting effectiveness.

During a meeting, information from both the plant and business systems is retrieved in real-time into pre-configured agenda items.

Information can be consolidated and presented as KPI’s (key performance indicators), allowing easy drill down during the actual meeting to the underlying source data.

Notes and actions from the meeting are captured in real-time thereby improving agility and follow- through.

Production meetings are no longer a “waste of time”

Well-structured meetings are very important to improve team performance. Yet, we all know that production meetings can be unproductive.

  • People come unprepared.
  • Real information regarding the plant is not always available at the time critical decisions need to be taken.
  • Too often people are running a plant on instinct rather than facts.
  • Actions are not followed through.
  • The situation changes between meetings, often rendering agreed actions of little use.

There has to be a better way to manage operations meetings?

The requirement is for an electronic system that can schedule meetings, draw up the agenda in advance, gather all available information from other electronic systems, highlight problem areas, capture and record decisions and follow-ups;  all in a single auditable system.

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OpSUITE Meeting Management improves communication between individuals at each meeting and in between meetings. Specific meeting items can be “pushed” into the Agenda of other meetings (for example a daily production meeting can escalate a serious issue to the superintendent’s weekly review with the plant manager). Action items are tracked and can be escalated if unattended.

Better meetings, more productive teams