OpSUITE Site Diary

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Electronic diary for industrial sites

During work, it is vital to coordinate resources to ensure safety, productivity and efficiency.

A shared database is necessary in which all activities, observations, incidents, status updates and more can be recorded.

Unstructured efforts to digitize paper systems don’t really work well; for example, the use of email shared documents and spreadsheets. A more integrated approach is required.

OpSUITE Site Diary is a simple to use, intelligent digital system that helps manage record-keeping and communication in situations where dispersed teams are working on projects across the site. The result of a more structured approach is improved coordination, reduced risk, improved compliance and improved safety.

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Control Room Solutions

Record observations, incidents and events

Team members can quickly record observations relating to the status of construction and related activities.

Assigning and escalating tasks

Entries and tasks can be assigned to other team members to follow up or escalate to a higher authority.


Instructions and other important information can be reliably communicated to teams. People must confirm they have read and accepted all relevant instructions.

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OpSUITE Site Diary can be used by team members, planners and managers to find relevant information on activities underway.

OpSUITE Site Diary allows progress reporting using a fully auditable system.


OpSUITE Site Diary is a full feature, integrated digital system for the recording of activities on a typical industrial site where several teams and contractors have to simultaneously work on multiple tasks.

  • Supports the recording of various types of information; for example tasks, progress, observations and incidents.
  • Designed to be simple and user friendly, while at the same time ensuring that all relevant and important information is accurately captured and processed.
  • Integrates all relevant information, such as work orders, permits to work, observations, risk assessments, weather conditions and so on into a complete, coherent record of activities.
  • Actively monitors tasks in order to ensure follow up or escalation.

OpSUITE Site Diary is an excellent tool for managing and coordinating activities on the plant.