Opsuite Risk Compliance Excellence

Electronic logbook and collaboration tool for control rooms

Shift operators need to effectively communicate critical information about operations. 

Using paper logbooks, email, word processors and spreadsheets can result in vital communications being lost.

OpSUITE Logbook manages shift communications digitally.  You can log events, manage handover, issue and receive operating instructions, view standard operating procedures and more.

The result is that vital information relating to the plant is properly managed, leading to improved compliance, fewer incidents, better coordination and more effective teams.

OpSUITE Logbook is designed to be run on shared computers in a typical control room.

The system can be accessed through a web browser from any authorised location.


Control Room Solutions


Capture operating notes

Controllers can easily record decisions, events, abnormal operating conditions etc.


Structured shift handover

The status of the plant, together with instructions and notes for the incoming shift is recorded.  This information can also link to critical activities on the plant, for example, open permits to work.



Instructions and other important information can be validated by controllers who need to act on the information. Controllers must confirm they have read and accepted relevant instructions.

Opsuite Logbook

OpSUITE Logbook was designed together with plant operators and operations managers to meet the demanding needs of the control room environment.

OpSUITE Logbook helps with safety and compliance when operating complex hazardous plants.

Opsuite Dashboard Operator Instructions Open

OpSUITE Logbook was developed specifically to enhance communications in a control room environment.  All relevant information is captured and stored in the system and shared where needed in the business.


  • Temporary operating instructions, shift handover logs, procedures, checklists and other vital elements of plant communication are captured and stored in an easy to use simple, searchable database.
  • Hour to hour events can be quickly and conveniently recorded. Entries can be kept open for editing for a limited period after which they are locked to become part of the permanent record of the plant.
  • Instructions, shift handover logs and other controlled communications can be set up to use templates that ensure consistency and clarity of communications. Any entry into the logbook can be set up to require acceptance by a designated individual, a group of people or a team.
  • Items can be automatically or manually escalated.
  • Reports for shift handover can also be automatically distributed to recipients across the business.