“Adapt IT’s IntelliPERMIT Offers A Robust Control Of Work Software Application For Firms In Metals And Mining Industries” – Verdantix

IntelliPERMIT is a proven software solution for managing your entire permit-to-work and energy isolation process with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

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Manage your permit and isolation process to improve visibility of the work in progress, take all necessary precautions and preventative measures, improve team productivity and ultimately ensure the highest safety standards on your site.


IntelliPERMIT reduces the risk of accidents by ensuring that a reliable process is always followed to ensure that all dangerous work on a plant is authorised, all preventative measures are in place and that all people involved are trained and competent to perform the work.

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IntelliPERMIT helps you make sure that all reasonably practical measures have been taken to improve safety on site and prevent accidents in the field.


The result is significantly improved safety and productivity during non-routine maintenance and shutdown operations in hazardous industrial environments.

Safety Risk Incident Industrial Accident
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Used daily by over 16,000 People,

working on 360,000 controlled jobs every year


Several million hazardous jobs have already been safely completed using IntelliPERMIT and the system has become a critical tool in managing major planned shutdowns.

Intellipermit Features

An Integrated Safe System of Work


IntelliPERMIT is a proven software solution for managing your entire permit-to-work and isolation process with an emphasis on safety and reliability. It helps to ensure that hazards are correctly identified when maintenance takes place, and that the necessary safety precautions are understood and adhered to. Authorisation of permits is controlled and audited to ensure compliance to procedures and increase accountability by the individuals involved.

Intellipermit Integrated Safe System Of Work

Implement Your Own Rules for Safe Work

Configure IntelliPERMIT to implement your own procedures and rules for safe work, or easily adopt one of the many industry templates available. Rules for safe work can be overridden only in specific circumstances that you define.

Quickly and Easily Adopted

People are guided through the permit process, streamlined to cater for the specific requirements of the job.  Randomised order of prompts ensures that users think through the safety implications at every step. IntelliPERMIT’s mobile app allows information to be retrieved in the field. The system has been designed together with operations managers, engineers and production teams and is easy to use even for people not familiar with computer systems.


Control Safety Processes

IntelliPERMIT’s many integrity features include options for biometric scanning of fingerprints  or access cards. This ensures that safety is never compromised.  The system includes checks and controls that are designed to always “fail safe”.

Ensure only Qualified Persons do Work

IntelliPERMIT’s safety competencies are checked automatically for each person against the specific requirements of the job, plant area, activities involved and type of permit.  The result is that only competent persons are authorised to do the work. The competency database can also optionally be linked to your training system to ensure refresher training is proactively managed.


Comply with Regulations

IntelliPERMIT provides information to support compliance processes including regular audits and incident investigations. The system provides evidence of the procedures followed before hazardous work takes place.


Manage by Exception

IntelliPERMIT is designed to raise exceptions for further investigation when deviations from standard procedures are necessary. This ensures that challenges with procedures or the system rules are identified and addressed.

IntelliPERMIT has been proven for over 15 years in industry and incorporates significant learning and experience.

IntelliPERMIT is in use daily at mines, smelters, manufacturing facilities, utility providers, port facilities, chemical plants, nuclear and coal power stations.

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IntelliPERMIT has been running successfully in BHP in the Queensland and Western Australia coal and iron ore divisions.

Used at 8 mines, two ports and utility plants processing thousands of permits every year.



Newmont implemented IntelliPERMIT at its enormous Boddington gold mine in Western Australia in 2011. Boddington has been acknowledged as the benchmark for confined space management by Western Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum.



IntelliPERMIT is used throughout Eskom’s fleet of coal and nuclear generation plants in South Africa.

Over 1000 active users typically process 300 permits every day for work in hazardous environments.

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AECI Bioproducts (now Anchor Yeast) has used IntelliPERMIT since 1998.

Initially used to manage plant clearances the system has been systematically enhanced with additional capabilities over 15 years, ensuring work continues to take place safely.

IntelliPERMIT is efficient and easy to use, boosts compliance; controls authorisation of work; improves contractor safety; provides visibility and traceability; and drives continuous improvement. IntelliPERMIT’s predictive hazard identification technology is patented and best in class.

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Implementing IntelliPERMIT will lead to enhanced operations performance through improving safety and reducing accidents on the plant. In addition, there are several other benefits:


  • Managing competencies and training of operations personnel
  • Improving control of contractor work
  • Optional integration into site access control preventing entry into hazardous areas, or exit from site without closing off permits
  • Allowing management to delegate their responsibilities properly to operations with clearly defined safe work procedures and rules enforced
  • Enhancing visibility of all work taking place in the plant
  • Improving management of complex isolations
  • Reducing audit time and more effective handling of non-conformances relating to safe work
  • Training operators every time they create permits through the innovative permit wizard which prevents rote/routine permit entries

IntelliPERMIT has enhanced safety performance on our site, particularly in the ore processing plant. It has reinforced our emphasis on safety, and is helping drive discipline around training and accurate, efficient record-keeping.

Scott Sanders

Ore Processing Superintendent, GEMCO (Australia)

We did not anticipate what a useful tool IntelliPERMIT would turn out to be.  The system constantly reinforces the correct procedures when people do non-routine maintenance or shutdown work in the plant.

Gary Clancy

Operations Manager, Lallemand (Anchor Yeast)

The IntelliPERMIT product team have a strong history of delivering innovative solutions: biometric identification of permit signatories, integration with access control and plant maintenance systems, and utilisation of plant control system data to more accurately direct risk mitigation tactics.  With this calibre of solution available, backed up by an experienced and committed team, isn’t it time that you considered IntelliPERMIT for your operations?

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