OpSUITE Statutory Registers


Manage statutory registers on the plant

It is a legal requirement that manufacturers must maintain proper documentation and records.  The same requirement for controlled documentation is also part of good manufacturing practice. Systems are used to track and control items in various registers.  The system needs to incorporate the necessary controls, be robust and capable of being easily audited.

OpSUITE Statutory Registers is a simple to use digital system that manages these registers in a manufacturing environment. The result is to ensure that all statutory requirements are met and operations personnel have the necessary information on hand.


Create any number of registers​

Use templates for statutory operational registers in the system.

Visible information

Users can easily find relevant information from the registers, share this with others, update/annotate and comment as authorised.

Improve operational compliance

Meet many of your statutory obligations in a simple, easy to use system.

Construction Workers Demonstration

OpSUITE Statutory Register allows items to be controlled in a digital register that meets legal requirements.

Registers are easy to maintain while keeping a full audit trail of changes made.


Proper documentation needs to be maintained by manufacturing companies to comply with legislation and industry standards.  These registers are part of the records of the company and are subject to several controls.  Companies that try to manage this requirement with ad-hoc solutions like spreadsheets soon realise the need for a more robust solution.

OpSUITE Statutory Register is a digital system for managing the registers for the plant. 

OpSUITE Statutory Register is designed to accommodate the typical control room environment and allows specific registers to be made available and maintained by control room operators and other authorised personnel. 

The registers are controlled with secure access, and a full audit trail is maintained to meet certain legal requirements.