Opsuite Risk

Record, authorise and manage instrument signal overrides

Ensure proper controls are in place when operators need to override instrument signals owing to instrument failure or maintenance work underway.

OpSUITE Instrument Simulations is a simple to use control room system that allows you to record and authorise overrides if an instrument is not functioning, or maintenance is underway. Potentially dangerous situations are appropriately controlled, helping reduce the risk of instrument failure on the plant’s safe operation.


Control Room Solutions


Authorise instrument overrides in a controlled manner

Overrides are subject to authorisation, ensuring that all the potential risks are understood and mitigated.


Proper audit trail

Keep an accurate record of overrides, the context in which they were required and any other noteworthy information that helps analysis in the event of an incident, accident or loss.


Analyse performance

Instrument data is often displayed in a DCS/SCADA system without the full context of the presented data.  OpSUITE provides pertinent contextual information and improves situational awareness across the plant.

Safety Documents In The Field

OpSUITE Instrument Simulations is designed to control the process of overriding instrument signals.

Ensure that overrides are appropriately controlled, and regular operation is restored, thereby reducing the risk of a safety or plant incident.

It is often necessary to take instruments offline to effect repairs, calibrate or replace them. During which time, there is a risk that process operators make decisions based on incorrect readings.  This can lead to elevated safety or other operational risks.  It is therefore essential to control any override, especially if it has a safety implication. Spreadsheets are sometimes used, but these are prone to error and can be uncontrolled.  A proper database and system of override authorisation are recommended to mitigate any new risk.

OpSUITE Instrument Simulations is a system that allows instrument signal overrides to be authorised and controlled, thereby reducing risk in the event of a failure or during maintenance or repair work affecting instrument signals.