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FlexiLOG empowers teams in the factory to work more effectively

Take advantage of a highly flexible information platform for capturing, coordinating and reporting on day to day activity.

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Designed for and proven in typical industrial environments. The system is very user friendly and uses built in validation to ensure the integrity of information captured.


FlexiLOG uses a template based approach which results in a rapid creation of a solution that precisely matches your process and information requirements

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FlexiLOG is designed to work together with your plant systems. Integration to process automation and SCADA can further improve the usefulness of insights derived from FlexiLOG information.


FlexiLOG complements your existing collaboration tools by managing structured operations information such as meetings, observations, log book, registers and more. FlexiLOG’s intelligent rules, enforced system controls and auditability are structured around the demanding requirements of operations.

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Control process integrity

FlexiLOG improves collaboration by providing tools for predictable communication and an auditable data repository, thereby improving supervisor and team interaction. FlexiLOG improves process integrity by communicating and monitoring conformance to instructions and procedures.

Part of OpSUITE

FlexiLOG is part of Adapt IT’s Operations Suite (OpSUITE). While the module can be implemented on its own, many additional benefits can be realised when combined with other solutions including the IntelliPERMIT permit to work solution.

Robust and proven​

FlexiLOG has been proven on both very small and very large (enterprise) scales, with companies ranging from 20 to 10,000 users. FlexiLOG‘s robust design is validated by its daily use by thousands of users with different levels of computer literacy, across many industries.

Flexible Templates​

FlexiLOG bridges the gap between structured and unstructured processes and information. The system provides the structure needed in collecting, analysing and reporting on operational information. A common taxonomy is applied for operating events, failures modes and corrective actions. This means that the quality of logged data is improved and searching the knowledge base is more effective. The data is accessible for aggregation into reports and automated communication of exceptions.

Flexiblity to manage a wide range of activities

FlexiLOG is an essential management tool for almost any department in a business, allowing you to collaborate and manage information relating to a wide range of activities including:
Plant Operations – shift hand over logs, batch sheets, downtime records, emergency call outs
Safety, Health & Environment – task observations, inspections, waste disposal/recycle registers, training records, legal appointments
Quality Management – quality inspections, certificates of analysis
Other – meeting minutes, action tracking, suggestions schemes… and so on.

User friendly

FlexiLOG is designed for typical operating environments and the user friendly interface is designed to cater for all levels of computer literacy. This intuitive interface means that minimal training of users is required and ensures that collaboration is effective.

Information that needs to be captured is done through templates. These templates are easily configured to match your processes and terminology. Where data is captured, this can be validated by checking that it falls within a range, conforms to a trend (or not), or even falls within a predefined selection. This allows you to ensure that the information captured is accurate and makes sense for analysis.

Together with the other OpSUITE modules, FlexiLOG has been proven for over 15 years in industry and incorporates significant learning and experience.

The Problem

Much of what happens in any established operation centres on people and their interactions with each other, the business process and the physical plant and equipment. While most environments are equipped with state-of-the-art systems that generate vast amounts of data, there is seldom a record of the human interactions that puts this data into context and turns it into valuable information and insights.

Day-to-day operating information is often “locked away” in production log books, meeting minutes, disparate control systems, laboratory management systems and so on. Information is not easily accessible to management and is often poorly communicated between shifts. The quality of records is often poor, suffering from poor use of language, incomplete descriptions and non-standard terminology. The result is that vital information that could help to improve plant processes, prevent downtime, co-ordinate various departments and enhance efficiency is often lost.

The Opportunity

If summarised relevant information about critical events and processes is made available to both management and operations personnel the opportunity exists to improve efficiency, respond timeously to potential problems, standardise taxonomy, share knowledge and learning points and improve communication and co-ordination between departments.

Over time, this information forms an essential knowledge base to assist in measuring and improving performance, diagnosing and resolving recurring problems, and training new operations personnel. If new instructions, guidelines and other important communications can to be formally acknowledged by individuals then operations processes can be improved dramatically.

A system such as e-mail is not suitable in this regard as there is little collaboration and visibility, it is hard to track whether or not instructions have been accepted, and information is simply lost in massive e-mail archives.


FlexiLOG provides a template based logging tool for capturing and reporting on essential operations information and communicating this information to involved parties. Tasks can be assigned to personnel to carry out critical actions and supporting emails sent to notify people of events requiring their action/review. The system’s flexibility allows capturing of specific information relevant to operations or to specific areas or processes, and caters for a wide range of log types.

  • Shift handover logs
  • Operator rounds
  • Call-out logs
  • Operating concerns
  • Task observations
  • Temporary operating instructions
  • Downtime records and analysis

Total Operations Insights

Adapt IT has been improving operations performance in mining and manufacturing companies for over a decade using innovative technology solutions that are based on industry insights. Our solutions have also been used in research, academic, property development and other diverse industries. Our exemplary track record has resulted in some of the largest and most effective mining, manufacturing and energy companies adopting the OpSUITE solutions.