Opsuite Risk Compliance

Manage contractor compliance with site-specific requirements

Pre-job validation is vital to ensure that contractors are compliant with all site requirements when they arrive for work.

OpSUITE Contractor Site Compliance is a powerful digital system that allows an objective and reliable measurement of compliance before, during and after the work occurs.  The result is improved safety, reduced time delays on arrival at the site and improved compliance.


Validation of all contractor data

Any information captured manually is validated.  Checklists and templates ensure a complete check on compliance.


Adaptive workflows

Supports multiple adaptive workflow processes, each incorporating approvals and electronic notifications.



Integrates to third party systems for consolidated checks and analysis.

Work At Height

OpSUITE Contractor Compliance allows an objective measure of compliance before, during and after the work takes place.

Consolidated reporting capable of viewing several disciplines across the plant.

Contractor compliance is a vital part of safety and efficient work on the plant.  Compliance needs to be validated across several areas, including risk assessments, employee suitability and competence, equipment, chemicals, procedures, etc.  Many companies lack systems to manage this requirement and turn to spreadsheets. A proper system for recording and managing compliance is needed to manage the complexity of multiple contracting organisations performing numerous jobs on a site at any one time.

OpSUITE Contractor Compliance is a digital system for managing contractor compliance before, during and after a job on the plant. 

OpSUITE Contractor Compliance is designed to work together with other OpSUITE compliance solutions.