Hear from leading industry professionals on their experiences and

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Join us for the IntelliPERMIT Indaba where you will have the incredible opportunity to hear firsthand from industry leaders who have experienced the remarkable journey with IntelliPERMIT software. Discover how this powerful tool has revolutionised safety processes, saving valuable time and enhancing safety measures. Gain invaluable insights and learn about the transformative impact IntelliPERMIT has had on their businesses.

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Our team of IntelliPERMIT experts, customers and partners will be on hand to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the software and answer any questions you may have.

Join us as we showcase the best in the industry

We have curated an exceptional lineup of speakers who are ready to share their expertise, insights, and success stories. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by these industry leaders as they take the stage. From thought-provoking discussions to practical tips and strategies, our speakers will leave you with a wealth of knowledge to apply to your own professional journey.

Scott McLeod

Scott McLeod

EHS Software Solution Expert

Scott will share his expertise in implementing enterprise-level SaaS-based onboarding and compliance solutions. Learn about the experiences and realized efficiencies of organizations utilizing the BIS platform, including integration with IntelliPERMIT, and how it has transformed their onboarding processes and ongoing competency assessments.

Julian Gonzalez

Julian Gonzalez

Principal Planning and Governance, RTIO

With over 20 years of experience, Julian’s passion for automation and technology has led him to leadership roles in automation engineering companies, with a strong focus on innovation in mining, rail, and other industries. Julian’s dedication to excellence is evident in everything he does, whether consulting in the tech space, leading large teams, or spearheading groundbreaking projects.

Doug Bester

Doug Bester

MD – Sentient Computing

Doug’s presentation, “Using Data and Immersive Interactive Environments to Make Better Decisions,” will demonstrate how interactive virtual environments can revolutionize data visualization and interpretation. Discover how this innovative approach can empower organizations to improve safety and productivity, make informed decisions and drive automation and remote work.

David Thomson

David Thomson

MD – Smart Staff International

David will shed light on the critical issue of human factor error rates in isolation systems. Explore the latest technological solutions and emerging technologies that ensure accurate, efficient, and virtually faultless isolation verification.

Ashkan Shahmir

Ashkan Shahmir

Managing Director, IMMS

Ashkan will guide the audience through the advantages of using an end-to-end digital shutdown management system to transform your annual shutdown program. He will explain how the organisation’s cloud-based system, SMSi, can seamlessly integrate with IntelliPERMIT, providing a powerful, easy to use, and effective solution.

Scott Bredin

Scott Bredin

Divisional Executive - Adapt IT

Join Scott as he delves into the ever-evolving landscape of EHS software and technology. Gain valuable insights into emerging trends and discover how organizations are leveraging technology to enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Henry Boshoff

Henry Boshoff

Senior Product Owner for IntelliPERMIT

Henry will take you on a journey through the IntelliPERMIT roadmap, isolations, and the visionary future of the IntelliPERMIT platform. Discover the latest advancements and strategies that are shaping the future of permit to work systems.

Martin Dagnall

Martin Dagnall

Business Development Manager

Marty will take on the role of Master of Ceremonies, guiding attendees through the engaging and informative program at the Indaba. With a focus on fostering meaningful discussions and delivering exceptional value, Marty will help ensure a memorable experience for everyone.

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