We are very proud of our customers success stories.  IntelliPERMIT is being used to improve safety on plants of all sizes in many diverse industries.

If you are interested in speaking to our customers about how IntelliPERMIT helps them improve safety then please contact us.  We can assist by putting you in contact with the right person.

IntelliPERMIT has introduced a much higher level of operating discipline into our Isolation and Permitting processes. This will make Worsley a safer place to work for years to come and for this the whole of the workforce is grateful for your contribution.

Michael Rix

Asset President, Worsley Alumina

Namakwa Sands reinforces safety with IntelliPERMIT

Tronox Namakwa Sands, the mineral sands mining, mineral separation and ilmenite smelting operation on the West Coast, has boosted its occupational safety measures with the implementation and rollout of automated plant clearance software IntelliPERMIT.

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Samancor Metalloys boosts plant safety with IntelliPERMIT

Mining leadership is facing many challenges and safety is one very important measure of their performance.   IntelliPERMIT enables leaders to effectively delegate routine safety tasks to a reliable proven system, and focus on the exceptions.  Implementation of IntelliPERMIT in a mining operation has many benefits including increased safety awareness, improved disciplines and increased productivity.

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