OpSUITE Event Recording

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Capture and record context surrounding events on the plant.

Crucial context information is often missing from automatically captured plant data, limiting any troubleshooting and further analysis.

OpSUITE Event Recording is a simple to use digital system that allows plant operators to record significant events on the plant and provide important context information supporting their decisions.  The result is that the plant history is complete, improving reporting, analysis, troubleshooting and thereby supporting operational excellence.

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Control Room Solutions

Easily capture event and its context in a database

Events are easily captured in a secure database to support analysis and troubleshooting.

Integrity of information

Events are time-stamped and record the person capturing the information. Unauthorised changes are prevented.

Only record significant events

Significant events that fall outside the regular operator logs are separately handled and reported, ensuring that the most critical items are attended to in the production meetings.

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OpSUITE Event Recording captures vital context information not visible in the process control system.

Significant events are treated as priority items for analysis and reporting

Despite significant investments in historians and event logging systems within the process control system, important contextual information is often missing from the recorded data, limiting the effectiveness of any troubleshooting and further analysis. Companies that try to manage their events using ad-hoc solutions like sending an e-mail notification soon realise the need for a more structured solution.

OpSUITE Event Recording is a digital system for capturing and processing context information about any significant non-routine and ad-hoc events on the plant. 

OpSUITE Event Recording is designed to work together with other OpSUITE solutions for control rooms, for example, OpSUITE Logbook and OpSUITE Meeting Management.