Opsuite Risk Compliance

Manage safety and quality inspections

Improve safety and quality across the operation with simple, configurable checklists.

OpSUITE Inspection Checklists is a simple to use template-based system to record the findings of inspections in the plant.  The resulting data is presented to stakeholders in an easy-to-understand format that makes analysis meaningful and effortless.  The resulting ease of performing inspections allows for continuous improvement of safety and quality across the operation.



Field Solutions


Configurable templates

Inspection templates can be set up to your existing standards or use our predefined templates and get started quickly.


Outline quality and safety standards

Ensure clarity between employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders around the required quality and safety standards.


Analyse performance

Operations managers and supervisors can use data arising from inspections to initiate and track corrective actions.

Safety Documents In The Field

OpSUITE Inspection Checklists is designed to make inspections easy while ensuring the integrity of the information captured.

Quality and safety can be proactively measured by performing regular inspections that identify areas needing attention before an incident, loss or accident occurs.

Regular inspections are an essential part of a quality or safety management system. The problem is that unless the criteria are precise and objectively measured, the results can be hard to interpret, and interventions can become ad-hoc and unfocused. A clear set of quality and safety standards must be embedded in checklists which are then consistently used and analysed to highlight problem areas.

OpSUITE Inspection Checklists is a simple digital template-based system for recording the results of inspections. 

  • Customisable checklists
  • Input data validation to reduce errors
  • Data stored in a secure database allowing analysis
  • Generate reports
  • Show safety or quality-related trends