Announcing IntelliPERMIT

Version 10.1

Celebrating the latest release of our powerful permit to work and isolation management system!

Version 10.1 Highlights


IntelliPERMIT V10.1 has a brand new look and feel making it even easier to use.


With an updated area display and electronic hazard boards, IntelliPERMIT improves the situational awareness of safety-related risks on the plant.


Version 10.1 of IntelliPERMIT includes improved interfaces to ERP and Project Planning tools.


With several new mobile app features and more powerful features around isolation management and shutdowns, the new version helps to achieve even higher levels of safety.


Improve the control of work in dangerous environments


Operational excellence, improved compliance and reduced risk

IntelliPERMIT is the leading industry solution for control of work and energy isolation.

Used around the world in mining, energy, oil & gas and process manufacturing, IntelliPERMIT has evolved over 22 years to help safety and operations management ensure that work takes place safely.

OpSUITE is an integrated suite of specialised software applications designed to support Operational Excellence in the day to day management of a complex industrial plant, mine or factory.

OpSUITE helps automate critical processes and workflows between the control room and the field, incorporating proper authorisation and control of work. OpSUITE helps improve compliance and reduce risk with apps specially designed for industrial environments.


OpSUITE Risk Compliance Excellence

OpSUITE and IntelliPERMIT are designed to work seamlessly together.  The solutions support your existing manufacturing execution systems (MES), manufacturing operations management (MOM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Webinar – Introducing IntelliPERMIT Version 10.1