Improve safety, empower people

We provide proven software solutions to empower teams in mines and factories to work safely and achieve more.

Empowered Connected Worker

Improve Safety

Manage your permit to work, job risk assessment and energy isolation processes to ensure the highest safety standards on site.

Empowered Connected Worker

Empower People

Empower people in the factory with simple, user-friendly software applications that enhance collaboration and decision making.

Simple, effective systems trusted and used daily by mining, oil and gas, process manufacturing and large scale power generation operators worldwide.


Ensure teams work Safety with IntelliPERMIT

Permit To Work

IntelliPERMIT is a proven software solution for managing your entire permit-to-work and isolation process with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

Energy Isolation

To prevent accidents all equipment being worked on needs to be isolated from any potential energy source that could cause harm.

Job Risk Analysis

Assess risk by identifying the hazards associated with the job together with the precautions and controls required.  

Empower Teams with OpSUITE

Process Plant

Operational Excellence

Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, reduce waste and control losses. Improve morale and achieve higher levels of individual productivity.

Process Plant


Improve controls and ensure follow up of tasks and actions. Coordinate the response to non-conformances. Improve and streamline auditing. 

Process Plant

Operational Risk

Reduce operational risk using active controls. Improve safety performance, reduce incidents and control loss.

How a 3D digital twin can enhance safety

How a 3D digital twin can enhance safety

A digital twin is particularly helpful in complex environments where it is essential to view work interactions during job planning. As a production manager or maintenance planner, it is possible to gain additional safety insights that allow you to foresee problems better, plan more effectively, execute more efficiently and optimise the outcomes of work teams.

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Improved productivity


Improved productivity


Safer work on live systems


Faster and safer shutdowns



Reduce operational risk

Adapt IT’s IntelliPERMIT Offers A Robust Control Of Work Software Application For Firms In Metals And Mining Industries

Joe Osborne

Analyst, Verdantix