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IntelliPERMIT is used to ensure that work in hazardous environments takes place safely.

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IntelliPERMIT is a proven software solution for managing your entire permit-to-work and isolation process with an emphasis on safety and reliability. It helps to ensure that hazards are correctly identified when maintenance takes place, and that the necessary environmental health    and safety precautions are understood and adhered to ensure workplace safety. Authorisation of permits is controlled and audited to ensure compliance to procedures and increase accountability by the individuals involved.

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IntelliPERMIT’s unique patented rules engine helps teams identify potential hazards and makes sure that proper precautions are in place before commencing work.  IntelliPERMIT then controls the safety aspects of the work to completion and handover.
The result is improved compliance and a dramatic reduction in the risk of harm to people and operational risk management.
IntelliPERMIT is the leading industry solution for controlling permit to work and isolations.  Used around the world in mining, energy and process manufacturing,  IntelliPERMIT has evolved over 22 years to help safety and operations management ensure that work takes place safely.

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IntelliPERMIT – Risk Management Software for Occupational Health And Safety


Reducing Operational Risk with IntelliPERMIT and FlexiLOG

Enterprise risk is often grouped into categories such as operational, financial, environmental and reputational risks. But there are many overlaps and dependencies between these categories.

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Accessing the safety documents that matter using IntelliPERMIT

Safety management systems rely on the control of formal safety documents that need to be easily and reliably accessed when it matters most, while planning and executing work in dangerous plant areas.

Software supported isolations and IntelliPERMIT

Is it possible to use IntelliPERMIT in combination with a DCS or PLC to manage isolations using software only? Read more about software assisted isolations.

Building on IntelliPERMITs success!

The growth in the number of companies choosing IntelliPERMIT to help manage operational safety and risk has been very encouraging. We spoke to Scott Bredin, Operations Executive at Adapt IT about what lies ahead.

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