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Shift handover system for teams

Shift handover is a critical process that relies on effective communication to reduce the risk of safety incidents.

OpSUITE Shift Handover manages formal shift handover communications to maintain continuity and the proper transfer of responsibility and accountability between the parties.

The result is improved performance, reduced safety risk and improved productivity.


Control Room Solutions


Manage shift changeover process

Changeover procedures are formalised in a digital system that ensures sign-off and accountability between individuals on shift.


More effective communications between shifts

The handover templates are designed to emphasise the “why” and not just the “what” regarding plant status.



OpSUITE can coordinate and link shift handover with other processes underway like an open permit to work and more.

Engineers Viewing Permit

OpSUITE Shift Handover ensures face-to-face handover by requiring signatories to use the same physical device.

OpSUITE Shift Handover is linked to other systems like production meetings to ensure that tasks are assigned, followed up and shared in a common management system.

Opsuite Dashboard Shift Handover Open

Good communication between teams working on plants is an essential contributor to safety.

When a team hands over responsibility to another (as takes place during shift handover) there is always the possibility of an important detail being overlooked. The handover process relies on good communication to ensure continuity.  Any weakness in this communication can introduce safety risk.  The result might be a severe accident that could have been avoided.

Control rooms need an adequately designed tool that is integrated into other electronic systems on the plant, is easy to use, can reliably manage the communications at shift handover, and can be relied on to maintain a proper record of handover activities.

OpSUITE Shift Handover Logs was specially developed to manage the process of shift handover in a control room environment.  All relevant information is captured and stored in the system and shared where needed in the business. The state of the plant, open permits and other vital elements of shift handover are captured and stored in an easy to use simple, searchable database.

  • Designed to be run on shared computers in a typical control room. 
  • Accessed through a web browser from any authorised location. 
  • Templates ensure structure, consistency and clarity of communications.
  • Any handover can be set up to require acceptance by a designated individual, a group of people or a team. 
  • Items can be automatically or manually escalated.
  • The system can automatically distribute reports at shift handover to recipients across the business.