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What are the benefits of using an electronic permit to work (e-PTW) over paper?

Faster investigations: All information can be pulled from the same system quickly and easily, making investigations more efficient.

Can you provide us with examples of how e-PTW can be used to manage hazardous materials?

Specific precaution and preparation questions: e-PTW systems can be used to link very specific precaution and preparation questions to the actual hazards selected by the user, instead of using generic questions for all hazardous materials.

Explain how to avoid redundant isolating of the same point by different workgroups?

Lockbox system: An e-PTW system can use a lockbox system to ensure that only one permit is active at a time for a particular point. This helps to prevent multiple workgroups from isolating the same point, which can lead to safety hazards.

Explain how to manage SIMOPS (single-point operations)?

Easy identification of multiple permits: e-PTW systems can make it easy to identify when multiple permits are being issued in the same area. This helps to prevent conflicts and ensure that SIMOPS are managed safely.

How does learning management systems (LMS) and e-PTW systems work together?

Authentication and qualification validation: e-PTW systems can authenticate users and validate their qualifications from the LMS system. This helps to ensure that everyone signing off on a permit is competent.

How do you ensure work permits are fit for purpose and isolations match the task to be carried out?

3-eye principle: e-PTW systems can enforce the 3-eye principle, which requires multiple people to review and approve a permit before it is issued. This helps to reduce human errors.

How do you ensure everyone is accounted for on site during a shift?

Signatures on the permit: e-PTW systems can require everyone involved in a work activity to sign the permit. This helps to ensure that everyone is accounted for and that everyone knows what is happening.

How does e-PTW ensure workgroups work on the correct isolated equipment?

Site workaround: e-PTW systems can be used to conduct a site workaround with an onsite personnel to show the actual work area. This helps to ensure that workgroups are working on the correct isolated equipment.

How can e-PTW can work in environments with very poor internet signal or none?

Offline mode: Most e-PTW systems now offer offline mode capability. This means that the application can still be used to create, manage, and approve permits even if there is no internet connection.

How does e-PTW, job isolations, and job hazard analysis (JHA) can be used to improve communication and collaboration between workers and supervisors?

Digitised central point: IntelliPERMIT digitises e-PTW, job isolations, and JHA into one central point. This makes it easy for workers and supervisors to understand what is happening out in the field and to communicate and collaborate effectively.

What are the future trends in the use of e-PTW, job isolations, and JHA?

Site 3D modelling and pinning: Site 3D modelling and pinning will be used to visualize work in progress and to make it easier to identify potential hazards.

More mobile app features: Mobile app features will be expanded to make it easier for workers to access e-PTW, job isolations, and JHA information on the go.

How IntelliPERMIT can help you:

  1. Improve safety: IntelliPERMIT can help you to improve safety by automating tasks, reducing errors, and improving communication and collaboration.
  2. Increase efficiency: IntelliPERMIT can help you to increase efficiency by streamlining the permit to work process.
  3. Reduce costs: IntelliPERMIT can help you to reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper permits and by reducing the time spent on manual tasks.

If you are looking for an e-PTW solution that can help you to improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, then IntelliPERMIT is the right solution for you.

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Lungelo Majozi

Lungelo Majozi

Principal Consultant | Manufacturing

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