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Operational clarity that helps you to achieve more.

OpSUITE is an integrated suite of specialised software applications designed to empower teams and support the management of a complex industrial plant, mine or factory.

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Control Risk

OpSUITE helps reduce operational risk with intelligent controls. Improve safety performance, reduce incidents and control loss.

Ensure Compliance

OpSUITE’s auditing and checklist solutions help ensure compliance with standards and legislation.

Strengthen Procedures

OpSUITE supports 15 core industrial processes with new templates being added continuously.

Manage Performance

OpSUITE’s intelligent workflows with built-in escalation help achieve and maintain sustained performance levels throughout the plant.

OpSUITE helps automate critical processes and workflows between the control room and the field, incorporating proper authorisation and control of work.


Reduce operational risk using active controls. Improve safety performance, reduce incidents and control loss.

Operational Excellence​

Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, reduce waste and control losses. Resulting in improved quality, better operational performance and better customer service levels. Improve morale and achieve higher levels of individual productivity.


Improve controls and ensure follow up of tasks and actions. Coordinate the response to non-conformances. Improve and streamline auditing. Improve governance throughout all your operations with OpSUITE’s intelligent solutions.

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Developed over 15 years working closely with operations managers, engineers and process operators. Each OpSUITE solution is proven in typical industrial environments.


OpSUITE is designed for flexibility so that it can be configured to your exact requirements. The underlying platform (FlexiLOG) was designed for a typical control room environment.

Operational clarity​

Gain new insights with greater visibility of work in progress and activities on the plant; by your own teams or even third party contractors.

User friendly​

Designed to be user friendly and easy to understand by users of varying computer literacy.  No hard to understand, abstract concepts – each solution is designed to solve a specific challenge in a typical industrial plant or factory.

Improve compliance

Improve compliance with your procedures, regulations and legislation.  The data in the system allows for detailed analysis and auditing of activities on the plant.  Whether it is a quality standard such as ISO, or very specific regulations such as occupational health and safety legislation, the OpSUITE solutions can be easily configured accordingly.

Manage by exception

Streamline and automate routine activities on the plant.  When there is any deviation an exception can be raised.  People will be notified of exceptions in order to follow up and take any necessary remedial action.

Reduce risk

Reduce operational risk with intelligent digital applications that help you implement and monitor important procedures and critical controls. 

Improved co-ordination of activities​

Coordinate multiple tasks such as routine maintenance, inspections and small projects involving teams and contractors on-site; OpSUITE brings all of this together in a single, integrated system.

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Total Operations Insights

Adapt IT has been improving operations performance in mining and manufacturing companies for over a decade using innovative technology solutions that are based on industry insights. Our solutions have also been used in research, academic, property development and other diverse industries. Our exemplary track record has resulted in some of the largest and most effective mining, manufacturing and energy companies adopting the OpSUITE solutions.