Opsuite Compliance

Manage safety and plant audits

Operations Audits are a useful tool for gaining insights into operational and safety performance.

OpSUITE Audit Checklists is a simple to use template-based system to record the findings of audits, inspections and observations and present this information in an easy-to-understand format that makes analysis meaningful and effortless.  The resulting ease of performing and analysing audits allows for continuous monitoring and improvement across the operation.



Field Solutions


Simple template-based approach

Audit templates can be set up to your existing procedures or use predefined templates to get started quickly.


Ease of inspections

Individuals or teams can conduct audits. Information is recorded during the audit in a secure, reliable database.


Analyse performance

Operations managers and supervisors can use data arising from multiple audits to analyse trends and help develop a good understanding of the plant’s status.

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OpSUITE Audit Checklists is designed to make auditing easy while ensuring the integrity of the information captured.

Regular plant and safety audits are essential to support continuous improvement and achieve operations excellence.

Audits are often carried out manually using paper systems or poorly designed spreadsheets that are cumbersome and prone to error.  Critical trends over time can be lost in an unstructured system.  Audits become a tick box exercise rather than being the source of insightful, accurate information on the plant and status of safety.

OpSUITE Audit Checklists is a simple digital template-based system for recording the results of plant and safety audits.

  • Customisable checklists
  • Data validation to reduce errors
  • Data trend analysis
  • Generate audit reports