Celebrating the latest release of our powerful permit to work and isolation management system!


IntelliPERMIT Version 10.1 is now available!  Check out this series of short videos highlighting some of the new features.  Also, remember to check out our short recorded webinar on the latest update.

Introducing IntelliPERMIT Version 10.1

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Version 10.1 User Interface Security and Productivity Enhancements

Version 10.1 Mobile Workforce Enablement

Version 10.1 IntelliPERMIT functional enhancements

10 reasons to upgrade to version 10.1 of IntelliPERMIT

IntelliPERMIT version 10.1 represents a milestone in the leading permit to work system used daily to keep people safe at work.

The new version contains numerous enhancements including:

  1. A complete user interface refresh for web, desktop and mobile users.
  2. Unattended mode for area display.
  3. Electronic hazard boards.
  4. Microsoft project integration.
  5. Marketplace connector for SAP integration.
  6. Signing of multiple permits without compromising the integrity of the process (for example during shutdowns).
  7. Lockbox dependency diagram.
  8. Mobile app enhancements including QR code scanning and the ability to take photographs from within the app.
  9. High voltage switching programs.
  10. Advanced shutdown planning capabilities.

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