The challenge

When undertaking dangerous work, it is important that each and every member of the working party is made aware of the associated hazards and risks involved. Identifying specific hazards related to the job usually results from a physical inspection and a job risk assessment (“JRA”) done in the field. The job risk assessment considers the risks associated with each step, and identifies the controls needed to work safely.

The computer-generated permit also pays an important role in ensuring that hazards are identified upfront and all necessary controls are in place. However, local conditions on a site can change as work progresses and new hazards may be identified that were not considered when issuing the permit.

A JRA is traditionally completed by filling out a paper form. This paper form, unfortunately cannot be electronically linked back to to the permit to work, the work order information, isolations and the competencies needed to do the job.

The Job Risk Assessment (JRA)

The job risk assessment (JRA) is a structured methodology that looks at the steps that will be needed to complete the job, the specific hazards associated with each step, the associated risks and the controls necessary to work safely.    

Typically a JRA considers the hazards at each step in the job and then identifies the preventative measures (controls). The risk at each step is also evaluated and then classified in terms of consequence and severity. The residual risk is then evaluated from the control measures to assess the overall risk of the job. All of this information is communicated to the people doing the work and persons involved in managing the specific permit(s).


The solution: Managing job risk assessments using the IntelliPERMIT Mobile App

IntelliPERMIT’s mobile app and software includes job risk assessment (JRA) functionality. This allows work teams to do JRA’s in the field just before work takes place. They also then benefit from the enhanced information and controls possible from an integrated computer-based system.

For more information relating to the IntelliPERMIT Mobile App please click here.

The features of the JRA functionality in the IntelliPERMIT Mobile App include:

  • controlling the approval of each step in the JRA process to ensure that only trained and competent people sign off the risk assessment,
  • avoiding duplication and inconsistencies by linking the permit and JRA electronically,
  • leveraging IntelliPERMIT’s predictive hazard identification capabilities; and
  • improving the efficiency of the JRA process using templates, and information derived from the IntelliPERMIT database relating to hazards, precautions and business rules.

The resulting benefit is improved productivity and safety.