Central Petroleum implements IntelliPERMIT to improve control of safe work at onshore gas fields

Nov 9, 2021 | Customer Story, Oil and Gas

Central Petroleum (Central) has implemented Adapt IT’s IntelliPERMIT software to improve control of work and energy isolation at their onshore gas fields in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia.

Over the past few years, Central has become the largest onshore gas producer in the Northern Territory, supplying industrial customers and senior gas distributors across the northern territories and the East Coast markets. Central has several exploration and development projects across Australia’s most extensive onshore conventional gas resources. The company is preparing to increase gas supply to serve the East Coast’s growing demand by 2023.

Central Petroleum Wellfield


Natural gas is extracted by drilling a pattern of wells at carefully selected locations into underground hydrocarbon deposits. Each well has a unique gas and water production profile. The data collected during dewatering and gas production is analysed and used to control the offtake and to optimise overall extraction. Hydrocarbons are separated from the water on the surface. While the extraction technology is well-proven, several hazards need to be controlled to mitigate the risk of harm to people and the environment. Strict procedures for working on equipment are necessary to ensure that work takes place safely. The permit to work procedure is vital to ensuring work takes place safely, and incidents are avoided.


At Central, the safety of workers is paramount. Central is committed to protecting against harm to all persons’health, safety, and welfare by eliminating or minimising risks resulting from work or materials encountered in the exploration, drilling, and production processes. Employees and partners are encouraged to take a constructive role in promoting improvements in health and safety practices.


During maintenance work, various isolations are used to protect workers from harm due to the uncontrolled release of energy or dangerous substances. At the end of every job, these isolations must be removed before resuming production. Central had previously been using a manual, spreadsheet- based system for managing this process. However, spreadsheet systems lack the necessary controls required of a critical safety system, and Central therefore decided to replace the old system with IntelliPERMIT. IntelliPERMIT was selected for its proven track record, depth of functionality and ease of configuration. IntelliPERMIT has been designed to guide users on the correct procedures and enforce rules relating to the specific competencies of people working on equipment in the field.

“With the roll out of the IntelliPERMIT system to our site I noticed a higher level of collaboration from the users, with the work party members or the PH (Permit Holder) themselves going through creating the permit process for a better understanding of the step by step process that is required to commence a task and engage the job safely.”

Corey Gardner, Senior Operator Maintainer

Central Petroleum Drilling


Central had to implement much of the new system remotely due to the COVID restrictions in place. Despite some initial challenges, the team quickly adapted to this way of working, and the project was completed within the expected time frame and allocated budget.

One project success factor was that Central already had good procedures for managing the permit to work and isolations. These procedures formed the basis of the configuration of the new system. The result was that contractors and employees alike have found the system familiar and easy to learn.

Central Petroleum Tanker


IntelliPERMIT facilitates planning of work remotely. By accessing the system, the status of work being undertaken across the operations is visible in real time, allowing for better coordination of multiple maintenance crews.

The implementation of IntelliPERMIT at Central has resulted in several other tangible benefits. Safety has been improved through more effective control of the permit process and strict adherence to safe work procedures. Hazard identification is improved, risks are better controlled, and the necessary safety barriers are better managed. The result is improved control of work, ultimately leading to fewer incidents and enhanced safety.

“Implementing the IntelliPERMIT system changed the way we assessed and controlled risks when performing work in our facilities, it allowed involvement from all disciplines during the development of the permit and/or isolation resulting in a higher level of ownership with those actually performing the work. The system is very user friendly and I have only received positive feedback from the users.”

Ben Visser, General Manager

Central Petroleum Emergency Vehicle


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