Powering Safety Innovations: An Exclusive Q&A with IntelliPERMIT Consultant Shirley Breytenbach

Shirley Breytenbach

IntelliPERMIT has revolutionised permit to work management by offering enhanced visibility, streamlined processes, and improved decision-making. Clients benefit from adaptable configurations that align with their existing workflows, ensuring seamless integration and tangible value. The system’s competency-based approach streamlines permit approvals, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring regulatory compliance. By preventing incorrect actions and enforcing safety measures, IntelliPERMIT empowers organisations to proactively mitigate risks and enhance worker safety. Clients have reported success stories of improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and compliance with existing processes. Adapt IT provides comprehensive support and training during implementation and beyond, guaranteeing a smooth transition and maximising benefits. The system facilitates real-time visibility through core reports, enabling clients to identify areas for improvement. IntelliPERMIT seamlessly integrates with Maintenance and Learning Management systems, enhancing overall efficiency.

Shirley Breytenbach

Principal Consultant | Manufacturing

How has IntelliPERMIT transformed permit management and what advantages can clients expect from adopting this solution?

By shifting from a traditional paper-based system to an electronic platform, IntelliPERMIT significantly enhances visibility of on-site work. Managers and supervisors can conveniently monitor site activities from their desks, gaining real-time insights. Additionally, data compilation and permit searches are streamlined, simplifying the overall process. Implementing IntelliPERMIT offers potential clients improved work monitoring, enhanced data management, and increased efficiency, ultimately leading to better decision-making and optimised permit management practices.

Question: What specific features of IntelliPERMIT have proven to be game-changers for organisations in industry?

The Isolation Management system within IntelliPERMIT has emerged as a game changer for numerous industrial organisations. This feature enables seamless control over who can perform isolations and act as witnesses, leveraging competencies from a Learning Management System. By enforcing these competencies in the workflow, the process of isolating equipment or areas is well controlled. Furthermore, IntelliPERMIT ensures that isolations are made visible to all relevant stakeholders, ensuring clear communication and coordination for work that requires isolations. This enhanced visibility also facilitates a smooth transition when reenergising the plant. The Isolation Management system within IntelliPERMIT has revolutionised permit to work management, offering organisations improved control, efficiency, and safety in the execution of isolation procedures.

Question: What distinguishes IntelliPERMIT from other permit management solutions in terms of delivering tangible value to clients?

IntelliPERMIT sets itself apart from other permit management solutions by offering clients the ability to configure the system according to their specific business processes. Unlike static systems that require organisations to adapt their processes to fit the software, IntelliPERMIT allows customisation to align with existing processes. This flexibility provides tangible value to clients as it minimises disruptions and ensures a seamless integration of the permit management solution into their operations. By tailoring IntelliPERMIT to the unique business processes, organisations can optimise efficiency, enhance user adoption, and maximize the benefits derived from the software. This adaptability is a key advantage that empowers organisations to leverage their existing workflows and rapidly achieve tangible value from IntelliPERMIT’s implementation.

Question: In what ways does IntelliPERMIT streamline permit approval processes, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure regulatory compliance?

IntelliPERMIT uses competencies from Learning Management Systems to streamline the different processes in a permit to work workflow without the supervisors/superintendents/operators having to refer to another system.  This reduces the administrative burden and ensures that the person signing has the correct skill level.  Safe working procedures are built into the software to ensure that hazards and PPE are correctly identified for the work at hand.

Question: How does IntelliPERMIT empower organisations to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a safer work environment and minimizing the likelihood of incidents or accidents?

The system is designed in such a way that you are not able to do the incorrect thing i.e. Issue a confined space permit linked to an Isolation Permit before the isolation permit has been isolated and witnessed/confirmed. Hazards are identified and controls put in place to prevent harm.  Business Rules are used to prevent a user from doing the wrong thing or supply a reason as to why they are not doing it according to the process.  These reasons can be audited and help to streamline the system in the future.

Question: Can you share success stories from clients who have implemented IntelliPERMIT and experienced notable improvements in their operational efficiency, cost savings, and overall safety performance?

IntelliPERMIT has assisted clients in being compliant with their existing processes and procedures.  Creating permits and being able to clone them for future use is a time saving benefit.  Everyone adheres to the process and it is a training tool for new staff around the process as the system guides you in the right direction.

Question: What kind of support and training does IntelliPERMIT provide to clients during the implementation phase and beyond, to ensure a smooth transition and maximise the benefits of the solution?

Training is provided during the implementation phase and then once the software has gone live the client will enter the support phase where support is provided by Adapt IT for all incidents and change requests.  Any training required after the Go-live phase will be provided in this support phase.  The system is simple and easy to use and streamlines the process for new staff to pick up very quickly.

Question: What feedback have you received from clients regarding the return on investment (ROI) of IntelliPERMIT, both in terms of cost savings and improved safety outcomes?

Clients have provided positive feedback on the ROI of IntelliPERMIT, citing notable cost savings and improved safety outcomes. The system efficiently identifies discrepancies in contractor billing, ensuring accurate time tracking and preventing overcharging. Moreover, by strictly enforcing the correct Hazards, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Controls, IntelliPERMIT enhances worker safety and reduces the likelihood of incidents. With its robust features, the software helps organisations optimise their operations, minimise costs, and maintain a safer work environment, proving to be a valuable investment that yields both financial and safety-related benefits.

Question: Can you elaborate on the scalability and adaptability of IntelliPERMIT, and how it caters to the varying needs of organisations operating in different industries and regulatory environments?

IntelliPERMIT is an off the shelf configurable product. We have implemented IntelliPERMIT in all sorts of different industries where there are hazardous environments and the safety of the people on site is of paramount importance.  The client’s processes and procedures can be built into the workflow and business rules to cater for all different regulatory requirements.

Question: How does IntelliPERMIT facilitate real-time visibility and reporting, providing clients with valuable insights into their permit processes, compliance status, and potential areas for improvement?

Up to date information regarding the permits is immediately available for operations management.  There are core reports that provide metrics and statistical information around the permit to work system.  This helps to identify areas for improvement or where individuals require further training.

Question: Can you discuss how IntelliPERMIT integrates with existing EHS and OHS systems and technologies, ensuring seamless data exchange and enhancing overall operational efficiency for clients?

We don’t have a standard integration with EHS and OHS systems but we do have several integration plug-ins for Planned Maintenance and Learning Management Systems.  This saves time because the work order data such as Job Scope, Equipment to be worked on and validity dates are pulled through to the permit saving time on filling out all the details again.  Competencies are integrated from a Learning Management System which allows for better control over who has the correct training and authorisations to sign a permit.

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