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Sep 7, 2018 | Meet the Team, News

The talented professionals behind the delivery of every IntelliPERMIT solution are experts in operations management, safety, information technology and problem solving.

Eugene Lategan (on the left in the photograph) is a Principal Consultant and has been working with IntelliPERMIT for over 8 years.

Eugene Lategan - Lihir

We asked Eugene for his perspectives on how IntelliPERMIT helps his customers improve  safety.

What is the role of a Principal Consultant on an IntelliPERMIT project?

The Consultants’ role is to first understand the customers problem, help develop the solution, and recommend best practices.  The Consultant is also there to help customise the software to meet the requirements exactly.    The Consultant helps the customer during the implementation by engaging the stakeholders at every step and ensuring that what is ultimately delivered results in the desired benefits.  The solution must also be sustainable and continue to deliver the benefits when we handover to the business and leave the site at the end of a project.

What types of problems or challenges do you see your customers facing regarding their safety?

Putting safety procedures into practice on the ground and building a positive safety culture that is embraced by all.

How does IntelliPERMIT help your customers become safer?

IntelliPERMIT helps our customers become more efficient while at the same time improving compliance to procedures.

For example, reducing the time taken to issue, accept and close out permits alone is a major benefit in the permit office where things can become bottlenecked and cause costly delays.   Users of IntelliPERMIT are constantly reminded of the correct procedures and processes even for the most repetitive tasks.  This ensures compliance to safety rules.  This also helps prevent accidents in situations where people believe they can ‘do this job with your eyes closed’.

Where have you been involved in some recent projects? 

I have recently been involved in a very interesting project implementing IntelliPERMIT at a mine in Papua New Guinea.  We recommended improvements in the permit process at the Metallurgical plant, resulting in a significant reduction in the time to issue and process permits.  The customer is now busy planning the roll out of the solution to other parts of the operation.

Has there been any specific challenge that you can think of that IntelliPERMIT has solved in any of your clients?

Yes. Communication between Permit Issuer and Acceptor is not always on par and this can introduce a safety risk.  Face to face communication at central permit issuing station improves the direct communication channel.  IntelliPERMIT can enforce this requirement, for example by requiring simultaneous signatures on a single computer terminal or device.

What area of safety consulting most interests you and where would you possibly like to specialise as the product grows?

My passion lies with understanding the customers process and then sculpting the software around the process. Facing the challenges and finding solutions to make it happen. Understanding what the customer currently has and help envisioning what they would like in the future.

What is the most important step in a typical implementation project, in your view and experience?

By far the initial scoping and understanding the customers process,  followed by accurate data collection.

Any personal interests or hobbies or other anecdotes you don’t mind sharing?

I love being a tourist! I especially enjoy visiting Cathedrals where I can do so.  For example I was privileged to visit the very impressive St Pauls and St Patricks Cathedrals, both in Melbourne, where I was involved in a mining related project.


If you would like to contact any of the IntelliPERMIT team at Adapt IT please let us know by contacting us.

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