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Every year, during October, Australians are encouraged to commit to a safe and healthy workspace.  This year the theme for National Safe Work Month is “think safe, work safe, be safe”.

Whatever the month and no matter in which country you live, a safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone.  Employees, contractors and visitors should be safe from any harm doing their jobs, and beyond.

National Safe Work Month

Think safe

Whether you are designing equipment or working with equipment,  think about safety.  Can any risks be avoided? What will you do if something goes wrong?  Could you cause harm to anyone?  Safe work planning starts with safety thinking about every decision you make before you proceed.

Work safe

Before doing a job, stop and pause.   What are the hazards?  What is the risk? Have you taken every precaution necessary?  Have you informed everyone who might be affected?  Do you have your permit to work?  Is the equipment isolated?  Do you have a contingency plan if something goes wrong?  Is someone there to help in an emergency?   Safe work is about constantly implementing health and safety precautions that reduce the risks and avoid incidents.

Be safe

Safety does not stop when the job finishes.  It is a constant process of improvement both in the workplace and beyond.  Keep asking yourself what could have been done better.

Adapt IT creates software products that  improve the health and safety of people in dangerous industrial environments.  We join Safe Work Australia in striving for a healthy, safe workplace.  Our widely used permit to work and isolation management system is used daily in heavy industries worldwide.  The system is well aligned to the theme of National Safe Work Month by helping people think, work, and be safe.

For more information on Safe Work Australia and the National Safe Work Month, please visit https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/national-safe-work-month   

For more information on Adapt IT and the OpSUITE / IntelliPERMIT safety solutions for industry please visit www.intellipermit.com

For more information on Adapt IT Manufacturing solutions, please  contact the team.

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Adapt IT is acquired by Volaris

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