While we have seen news about cabinless, emissionless underground vehicles and the technological progress is astounding, we are some years away from this becoming the norm. In the interim, we need to safeguard human beings – the life-blood of all mines.

Sandvik’s AutoMine Concept Vehicle is able to analyze more than one million points every second, it would be nice if we had the same capability. We don’t, but there are ways we can minimize risk in real-time using a combination of technology and human intellect.

As mineworkers have returned to work in full force, there is a substantial amount of anxiety around Health and Safety measures being adhered to.

Given that the landscape of health and safety has been in the spotlight and efforts have been substantially intensified, surely it would make sense to revamp the entire health and safety strategy while adapting to Covid-19 safety regulations, so as to eliminate the need for duplication later on?

The benefits here are not only measurable in the immense value of saving of human life to the families and communities, but also carry large beneficial financial savings through mitigating the risk of Section 54 shut-downs which can severely disrupt productivity and thus sustainability.

Engaging Mine Managers; Managing Directors; Operational Personnel and Health and Safety Directors to interact around implementation of Holistic Mine Safety as part of a Strategic Business Practice to optimize Performance and Minimise Risk, to prevent loss of human life as well as stakeholder investment – both of which are part of Triple-bottom Line reporting, and fundamentally impactful on not only the economy but the well-being of the countries GDP contribution AND the financial bottom-line, is paramount to sustainability of the mine.

We would imagine the enormity of responsibility, paper-work, track & trace of people and the uncertainty of it all can be quite overwhelming. Some of the challenges of using a manual paper-based system include wasted time, additional risks, escalating costs and lengthy approval processes, all of which can be removed by moving to an electronic digital system, which in our experience has been paid for from savings brought about only from contractor wait times, involving issuing of permits to work, and adherence to Governance, Risk and Compliance regulations.

RSPH and Adapt IT hosted a FREE Live Webinar on the 27th October at 10h00 to address these issues (replay now available).

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– Session 1: Safe Miners Keep Mines Alive

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