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[September 2020] Adapt IT is pleased to announce the general availability of a new IntelliPERMIT companion application for Android called “IntelliPERMIT Mobile“. The companion app is available right now as a download from the Google Play store.   

IntelliPERMIT Mobile helps users in the field to work more efficiently while staying safe. The app allows remote viewing of the details of a permit to work and also allows users to sign permits electronically using their mobile device.

The mobile app works seamlessly with the existing IntelliPERMIT database (version 9.1 or later), providing more flexibility and improving safety. 

According to Henry Boshoff, Senior Manager Products and Innovation for Adapt IT Manufacturing, there are several exciting enhancements already planned for IntelliPERMIT Mobile. Apart from the convenience of signing permits remotely, there are many other benefits of using a mobile device in the field. For example, while using IntelliPERMIT Mobile a typical Smartphone can also be used to scan QR codes or RFID tags to verify isolations. These digital innovations significantly improve the integrity of the existing permit to work and isolation procedures. 

For users of Apple devices, IntelliPERMIT Mobile is also available for iOS from the Apple Store. Adapt IT is committed to fully supporting both platforms, thereby accommodating those industrial customers who use a variety of mobile devices. 

To download IntelliPERMIT Mobile for Android please visit the Google Playstore at

There is no additional licence fee to use the app.  Your existing IntelliPERMIT system (Version 9.1 or later) will need a simple configuration setting in order to support Android devices. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, all you need are the details of your system database and log-in credentials, and you will be up and running.

For more information about the new IntelliPERMIT apps for mobile devices, please contact the IntelliPERMIT team at Adapt IT.

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